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Sonoff Basic R3 DIY in DIY mode does not connect to sonoffDiy wifi

Sonoff Basic R3 DIY.
Set the jumper to DIY mode.
I connect 220V, the blue indicator blinks 1 long and 2 short
continuously. After pressing the button, the blue indicator blinks 1 short continuously and does not connect to sonoffDiy wi-fi.
What is the problem?

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I have the same issue.

A SonOff Basic R3 DIY with the DIY jumper in place. It doesn't connect to the SSID = sonoffDiy
PW   = 20170618sn.

I have done the same procedure with two "SonOff Mini DIY" devices without problem.

Please advice.

Same issue with a sonoff mini. First I connected with the ewe link android app successfully and updated to the latest firmware. Next I disconnected the mini from power, created the diy 2,4 ghz hotspot, placed the jumper and connected to power again. Blue led keep blinking every 2 sec. When I enable the previous wifi network again (which I used to connect to ewe link app) the sonoff mini connects immediately and is controable with the app. Even with the jumper still on
It only connects to the WiFi it was paired to. Pair again with new wifi
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