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2 way switch

I have a staircase light with 2 way switching. I purchased 2 x 1 gang sonoff switches. I'm not sure how to wire the switches or program them to facilitate 2 way switching on 1 light point. Can this be done?
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Hi, yes, of course it can be done. Way depends on which switches you got. This T1 wall switches? Then you connect one of them to power and the light, same way as  you want use only this one switch. The second switch you connect with power, connection to the light possible but not nessecary. 
In second step you define 4 szenes. if s1 on the s2 on, if s2 on then s1 on, if s1 off then s2 off and if s2 off then s1 off. Done.

If you have sonoff mini please see my picture here:

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