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Basic switch LED Blinking 5 times

Hi I have a basic switch about 2 years old and it stopped working. When powered up the led blinks 5 times per sec. Nothing works on the unit. Tried the 20-30 sec reset no success. How do I fix this?

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Same problem with sonoff mini. Anyone?

Estou com o mesmo problema, vc conseguiu resolver?

Same problem with Sonoff Mini. Anyone?

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The same problem here, ITEAD support told me that my device is broken...  But the problem is not the device is broken, I installed a different firmware (Tasmota)  in it and works fine, so I think they have some bug in the firmware causing it :/ It is my second device which died like that.

The same problem here, but i can't change my firmware to Tasmota because the gadget  not enter to paring mode. It's my fourth device wich died like that.

Yes ! Tasmota only way to repair it. I already have 8+ "dead" devices that stopped working with original firmware, including light touch switch, sonoff basic, sonof RF bridge... I don't understand why, everything hardware is fine, just the firmware broke. I am not really happy about that and haven't bought another device since my first experience with this bug, so I don't know if there is some kind of bugfix in newer versions, or not.  

But how will I change the firmware for Tasmota if the device does not go into pairing mode and just keeps flashing. I have 4 dead devices like that here. = /


Sorry I read your message wrong. You need to look at youtube, how to flash tasmota to esp8266 or any other board like that (D1 ESP32). You will have to use a soldering iron to solder some wires to some kind of Arduino flasher and force the board to flashing mode. Look at youtube" Drzzs tasmota" and any try some of his tutorials. I would recommend the video named "Sonoff Mini Finally!" if you look at 10:00 you will see the way to flash exactly your device. I think there is no other way. I use only this method of flashing it with this cheap red flasher from aliexpress, its easy and fast. If you are new in tasmota and you have no homeassistant, it will probably be useless for you to do that, because you lose the cloud service ewelink and tasmota is made for connecting the device to some kind of MQTT client like Homeassistant. I have never used tasmota without homeassistant so I don't know if it's any useful to control the device through browser inside your home network.

I have the same story, it worked for two years - and everything was ok. I went into the application for pairing a new device, and decided to update the firmware from 3.3.0 to 3.5.1, after that the device blinks 5 times with a skip of 1-2 seconds. 

Do not update if you haven't done this for a long time, it can kill your firmware ...

For some reason, the initialization for the firmware mode does not go over, but on the network I found a solution... To put the device into firmware mode, you need to hold down GPIO0 and GND.

We use the uart adapter, and when turned on (there are detailed instructions on the internet), it squeezes the button on our device, after a while after the sound of determining the com port, we release it (if nothing happens to underexpose or overexpose ...), press to firmware, than the device starts flash (to custom firmware)...


I'm assuming it's flashing five times in a row? If this is the case, resistance is too low. This indicates that the coil isn't screwed on tightly enough to the top or that it isn't reaching the bottom of the tank strongly enough. It's also possible that the coil is tilted, resulting in the short circuit warning.

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