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4 from 6 Sonoff T1 are dead after 3-4 months

I have bought 6 Sonoff T1 EU2c. All were installed in accordance with the scheme and have been working normally for approx. 3-4 months. After that time, one by one began to fail... now only two of the six T1 are still working. The remaining are almost dead - the led on T1 does not blink, pressing the gang does not lead to anything - the light does not turn on (when pressing T1, the internal relay does not click). A long press on the gang produces a beep (led does not start to blink), a longer press produces a double beep - so I can pair with RF remote, but pressing buttons on the RF remote does not turn on the light as well. I can not pair any of broken T1 to the eWeLink application.... the app just does not discover T1.... 

Is there anything I can do with the T1 switches? 

Disappointed with the purchase (((((((((

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In my case all sonoffs get tasmotized upon arrival and that way integrated in my local nodered control scheme without any dependencies on external servers. The reason Nealy all my sonoffs  are in the bin is the failed power supply in all models.. The electronics works ok with a 3.3 Vdc external supply, but once you remove it and use it with the itead psu from the device, Nada. Not fit for production.

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