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4 from 6 Sonoff T1 are dead after 3-4 months

I have bought 6 Sonoff T1 EU2c. All were installed in accordance with the scheme and have been working normally for approx. 3-4 months. After that time, one by one began to fail... now only two of the six T1 are still working. The remaining are almost dead - the led on T1 does not blink, pressing the gang does not lead to anything - the light does not turn on (when pressing T1, the internal relay does not click). A long press on the gang produces a beep (led does not start to blink), a longer press produces a double beep - so I can pair with RF remote, but pressing buttons on the RF remote does not turn on the light as well. I can not pair any of broken T1 to the eWeLink application.... the app just does not discover T1.... 

Is there anything I can do with the T1 switches? 

Disappointed with the purchase (((((((((

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Honestly i think these are crappie products! I am not saying all SonOff products, but at least these TOUCH ones. I will be replacing them in the future with the ZEMISMART wifi physical buttons models. I have seen good reviews about them! I suggest you all do the same... Since technical support is rare here! The first tech that helped me on Aliexpress store though I was lying... Even after sending him various videos! I had 4 units going bad, he replaced them, then 5 more went bad and he didn't want to replace them. And my purchase was under a 1 year warranty they offer!

I have 2 dead POW and 1 dead Basic. Same pb as described i.e. failed power supply from 220V but injecting 5V  shows that the ESP8266 and wifi still is ok.  My solution: forget SOnOff and buy Shellys.

i have the same problem! the touch does not respond. running the latest firmware on all of them. 

customer service thinks i am lying even after sending them videos and telling them to contact me via wechat, skype, whatspp or telegram... so i can show them in real time videos.

because i purchased several units... 4 went bad, they sent me replacement, and now 4 more went bad... and they dont want to believe!!!

youtube videos showing current situation. i will record another one today showing the new units they sent me, these are working.

We seem to have the same poor experience with Itead. I can now add one more, one of my 2 RF bridge has the wifi dead.   Conclusion: adios SonOff and switched to Shelly. Sonoff is simply not reliable and the manufacturer is not a serious company as they do not stand behind their product, all based on my experience from purchased son off devices.  So far my 4 shellies bought 1 year ago are up and running, and have far fewer wifi connection problems.

Suggesting Zemismart to an EU resident makes no sense. they only seem to do US switches.

Personally, I started with 1 Sonoff switch and then bought generic Kingart switches that use the Ewelink platform.

They are built nicer than Sonofff and have better touch capacitance that Sonoff which are very picky about where you put your finger

I'm now upto 20 of these around the house and none have failed in 2 years.

BUT, knowing that they will fail, as with all Chinese PSUs, I have bought three spares and set aside for when they do go.

I threw all Sonoffs in the garbage and changed to Fibaro (Z-Wave). In new home I've installed Grenton (wire). I do not recommend anything working on WiFi.

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