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4 from 6 Sonoff T1 are dead after 3-4 months

I have bought 6 Sonoff T1 EU2c. All were installed in accordance with the scheme and have been working normally for approx. 3-4 months. After that time, one by one began to fail... now only two of the six T1 are still working. The remaining are almost dead - the led on T1 does not blink, pressing the gang does not lead to anything - the light does not turn on (when pressing T1, the internal relay does not click). A long press on the gang produces a beep (led does not start to blink), a longer press produces a double beep - so I can pair with RF remote, but pressing buttons on the RF remote does not turn on the light as well. I can not pair any of broken T1 to the eWeLink application.... the app just does not discover T1.... 

Is there anything I can do with the T1 switches? 

Disappointed with the purchase (((((((((

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Have you changed your WiFi or router settings?

This is not WiFi related issue, few T1 do not work in general, not being connected to the WiFi... pressing the the gang does not turn on light....

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the same here  all of my 3 two-bang T1 stopped working about a month ago, exactly like yours, one-gang T1s still work fine

any ideas?

support is not helpful

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Cześć Łukasz, pozdrowienia z Poznania ;)

No luck, i was not able to resolve this issue, switchers are dead (((

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Same here, i purchased 6 sonoff T1 switches for my new house. All of them started failing one after the other after approximately one year. Looks like there is a self distruct code in the firmware to stop working after a year. Very disappointed with my purchase! No response on the support ticket too... I guess we need to create more awareness about this problem on YouTube so people do not fall in the trap we all did.

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Hi, I too have had this issue,my T1's were working great for a year then recently 4 of the multi gang sockets have all stopped working more or less at the same time. I have a single gang item that still works. This is not a coincidence this must be something Sonoff has done. Are we witnessing a Tesla style disabling our units over the internet. I am very angry about this Please advise

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Hi all, I have the same problem. Two of my Sonoff dual R2 stopped working at the same time after a year. It scares me  I have more Sonoff devices and now I don't trust them. Is there any response from the support service?

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i have the same problem! the touch does not respond. running the latest firmware on all of them.

customer service thinks i am lying even after sending them videos and telling them to contact me via wechat, skype, whatspp or telegram... so i can show them in real time videos.

because i purchased several units... 4 went bad, they sent me replacement, and now 4 more went bad... and they dont want to believe!!!

youtube videos showing current situation. i will record another one today showing the new units they sent me, these are working.


hellooooooooooooooo... any tech reads these posts???

I have the same problem! the touch does not respond and have lost the internet concectionSonoff T2 EU2c stop working after a month.  It is dead

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tech support doesnt do anything! i have opened a ticket since the aliexpress rep wasnt helping much.

i need a second opinion!

they think i lie... because i had 4 units going bad... then sent 4 replacements and then after 5 units went bad!

i proved with video but they rep doesnt believe me!!!

very bad customer service!



Same here.

I bought 19 sonoff TX series switches. After 2 months of successfully using them, 5 of them have failed to turn the wifi led lights, no matter what I do. They become intermittently unresponsive to touch and after few days fail completely. Anyone got any solution for this?

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Hola Mis interruptores empezaron a fallar como lo relatan en este post, ahora tengo 4 que no funcionan. Si alguien encontró la solución por favor ayudeme

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