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sun set/sun rise


I have at home severals diveces Sonoff installed diferents models.

I would like to know if there is a divece in order to detect sun set / sun rise (twiligh detector with the aim to create a scene and turn on/off lights.

Thank you very much for your help



I am using an    Eberle Dämmerungsschalter   DÄ-F 565 19     with potentialfree contact.

Sounds good! Which twilight detector are you using?


I have connected a normal twilight detector for lamps with relaycontact to a Sonoff Mini.

Dark on and light off. And put the lightdetector behind my roof top window to see the light.

Now this is connected to IFTTT.

if TWS is turned on, then turn on [eg. scene].                     ( TWS is the Name of my twilightswitch )

But there are other applets in IFTTT for eWeLink to use sunrise/sunset to switch Sonoff devices on or off...  

Maybe my idea helps you.



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