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Sonoff POW R2

Just purchased a bunch of POW in order to monitor consumption of some appliances and based on the consumption I want to trigger other things.

But I discovered that at the moment only ON/OFF is exposed on Alexa/HA/IFTTT !

On a device with the scope to monitor consumption we DEFINITELY need to be able to read the consumption value.


If POW watt measured > 2KW then TURN OFF switch

If POW watt measured > 3KW then SOUND ALARM...

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this would be an excellent implementation Tank

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we are asking more than 2 years for this feature ...

So much time and nothing from the support on such a simple feature. It is a shame...

Just moved to shelly EM: can have scenarios based on consumption, can also sense "negative" power so if you have some system generating power like photovoltaic you can sense the difference between generated-consumed.

Selling my sonoff now... sorry but without updates this sonoff stuff is quite useless. 

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