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Scenes stopped working

I rely on scenes where devices triggers other devices, and yesterday all of my scenes stopped working. I've tried modifying, deleting and recreating, disabling and enabling, and nothing works. All devices are working, only scenes have failed.

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Same here. USA stopped working on 11/30/19.
Scenes stop working, I have useless smart devices installed at home. Any official word? How can this happen with smart devices? Its a joke?
Well, at least I'm not the only one. Funny thing is I saw a post from 3 months ago with the same complaint. No resolution listed, but people eventually stopped complaining so I can only assume it got fixed.
It's really serious, this can't happen. Still nothing is working

I just got word via messenger that they have had multiple reports and are working on it.

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Exactly the same here. No scenes working since 11/30/19. Creating new ones also doesn't work. Totally frustrating since I relay most of my house on scenes. This is the second time this happen to me. 

Started to work again around 5 hours.

Scenes now works, could you guys test notifications?
Stopped again 
Scenes not working again
Same here scenes stopped working again
Sure enough. It was fine for a day and now they're all broken again.

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Not working again. 

Now they started working again

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