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eWelink off-line

Always offline applications. Still renewing. Forever it is not possible to turn off the device because the application is refreshing. When will you finally solve it? All problems are caused since you introduced the LAN

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I have the same problem.  When not refreshing, I have different devices popping on line then off line.  Not real usable.


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I found a temporary workaround, if one can call it that.

Kill the ewelink application.

Restart the application.

Immediately request the device state change.

If you are fast enough, you may change one or two devices before it gets the Orange !Refreshing of Death.

So what is the app doing, and why does it have to do it so much!

Now I figured out that this problem arises when I have a lot of devices in my group or I see all the devices. I have a total of 64 facilities. When divided into two groups, loading is faster and the overall application does not freeze.

I'm experiencing the same problem for the past 2 weeks. Up to then everything was fine. Only change on my behalf was added one more  Basic wifi switch module. 

I have 13 devices in total

2 x S26 Plugs

10 x Basic2 switch

1 x Basic switch

Devices become non responsive in the Ewelink app, sometimes appear offline only to return to normal state and then begin to work properly again for a time. It seems when I open the app a refreshing of something happens that causes the devices to lose connectivity to the cloud service. 

Alexa integration not working either, Google Home manages to successfully operate devices about 50% of the time. 

Ewelink Scenes and Schedules also not working. 

After performing so well last Christmas, Sonoff has really let me down this year. 

I've a ticket open with Itead support for a week now and they're provided no advice or help. 

They want me to run around the house and make a video while this refresh is happening now. 

So frustrating !

Until late 2019 I had a lot of problems with the Orange Refreshing problem, then it all seemed to work perfectly.  Now (Late Feb 2020 onwards) it's come back again. I have a dozen different devices. It does make it rather unusable.  Probably coronavirus!

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I've also just noticed that if I do a force stop on the ewelink app (via android settings)  and re activate it then it works for a while, but only a few minutes.

This problem I had with android 4.4, not with 9 and 10.

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