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Will there be new firmware for IFan03? Nothing can be set. The timer is only for light and fan at the same time.

I bougth one of this to test (thinking It would be awesome) before buy more... I knew Google home integration wouldnt 100%...but It is awfull (voice control is worse) there is the ewelink app, but the problem is thw firmware (iFan03). No default state for nothing (light or fan), timers just for the light! Are you serious? Normal people turns off the light and set a timer for the fan before lay on bed, what were you thinking?! Please put default states for both, light and fan. Put something to turn off beeps when turning on just fan. Dont know about Google home integration, but is It posible to have at least 2 buttons on/off for light and fan? By now on/off button turns on/off both, voice control does the same, can isolate the fan adding "fan" at last of voice command, also you can dim the fan speed, but there is no way to turn on/off just light . A final thing, please change status label on app "open" "close" sounds great for someone Who knows what a relee is (see attached file over "ventilador niñas" device)

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I have same problem

Same problem, bought it to set fan timer and that is not working 
also on google home app shows as a lamp

Please do something about it

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