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sonoff mini EU standards wiring

 Hello, I am Electrician in Germany EU
and i've pucharsed a few of sonoff Mini Switches.
I was trying to connect it in my house to an existing system
of two way switches, but it is imposible to controll it because
i got an AC source in the 1st switch box, a 5 wire cable to second
switch box, and a lamp cable comming out from a second box.
The S1\S2 connectors in sonoff mini should not be connected to any signal
from AC power source (not even GND (i was trying and i've killed one allready))
what makes it impossible to use in many
houses in Germany without wiring modifications (in this case we need 6 wires
and we have only 5) or an addition of simple 230V relay
(in this case it won't fit in the switch box).
I draw a simple plan as request\suggestion for an mini R2 modell
what will make it more usable in the EU

I hope my suggestion will be helpfull and You will think about
implementation of this function.

Best Greetings
Customer Andrzej Klosowski


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