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Monitor Boiler Temperature with TH10 and receive notification with IFTT specific time.

I have the TH external sensor inside my boiler to monitor the temperature. I control my boiler hot water Schedule with different device (Nest) which does not have external sensor. I want to have the TH always ON for monitoring but I want to know at 09:08 what is the current Temp of the water with push or email notification  automatically without the need to open the app. I can do this with IFTT applets easy but I can't find the way to schedule at specific time the temperature!( when device status change)

I found that I can use second sonoff device and enable smart scene to turn it on when a set temperature of TH10 is equal or higher but I have another issue.

When the time comes the scene does not work and The icon of son off mini does not Turn to ON inside ewelink app. BUT when I press the icon to TURN it ON during the run-time schedule the scene wake up and does not allow me to change the status of the mini(which is right). Actually smart scene is accepted by the app but the scene does not run , the scene is enabled!

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