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Home alarm system

Hi there, When you go onto the Sonoff website they advertise the DW1 and the PIR2 as devices that can be used in an home alarm system, consequently, I have bought the bridge the dw1 and the pir2 to set up an alarm system. Unfortunately, after receiving the items and setting them up I realised that seems like you can’t disarm the devices when you are at home, meaning receiving a million of notifications. This perhaps wouldn’t be to much of a problem because you can turn the notification off and perhaps turn it back on when leaving the house ( that is not the best of the solutions), however, having the flashing lights of the sensors every time you move or open the doors it’s quite annoying. 1) is there a solution so that I can just arm/disarm the system like a professional alarm system? 2) would it be possible to at least turn off the annoying lights, especially the PIR2? A couple of things to add, I am not able to flash any device and also I don’t want to switch off the bridge because I use it for other things when I am home. Thanks for your help

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Sorry aboutmy english.Simple solution is to power up Bridge throug Basic or similar. If you at home,then bridge not working-it means no notifications.

Thanks for your reply but as I said I want the bridge to be on for other devices to work when I am at home. And although you might suggest to get another bridge which is connected to the alarm sensor this doesn’t solve the problem with the annoying flashing light of the PIR2 nor the one of the dw1 Any ideas on how to solve without breaking the led of the devices? Thanks

I dont understand.(or my english is really bad).How your lights blinking if bridge is off? PIR connects throug bridge.So i dont see the problem if you use another bridge only for security.

Not the light of the bridge. The blinking green light of the PIR2 motion sensor when it detects movement, as well as the red light of the DW1 door sensor when the door opens.

OK,now i understand.Only way is replace sensors battery power to AC power and again,through Basic or similar

Wow, it’s easier to break the connection of the led and get rid of it. I just think that it is false advertising. If I can’t easily arm and disarm an alarm system that should be specified in the description.
Can I add an alarm system like a cheap one from Banggood in eWeLink and do scenes with all my devices? Or I can make the sensors act like alarm system?

I have an Idea about the alarm system

can you make a scene in the app that seem to look like a real alarm panel?

in that panel make it possible to program the sensors that have alarm function.

then make it possible to set / reset the panel as it was a real panel. I think MANY people would like that very much . (hereby my self.) :)

br. erik

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