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sonoff 5v led blinks 4 times fast

 The module was programed and working well. after a couple of days the batteries powering it died. I replaced the batteries, but the module only  flashes 4 times.cannot re connect to it. i can manually turn the relay on or off. i can also get it into flashing mode. any hel would be greatly appreciated


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i have the some problem with the TX series i haven´t used, as soon i connected to the power it stays like this. blink a few times than pauses and blink more few time and pauses again and stays like for ever. i have made a test in a room are i have a sonoff basic that is working fine.

does any one with same problem, how to fix this?

I guess that it is not possible to get it out of this mode without flashing it. As I have not heard a thing from the supplier or this company, despite many messages over weeks, I can only assume that they are not interested, therefore I have brought a tool to flash it with. It's on the slow boat from China, when it arrives and I have a chance to try it, I will update here. I am not sure if it can be flashed with the original software, but I'll try to do this first as I brought it to use with the eWelink app. If not I will look into the alternatives. What with this, a new camera that won't connect and now a new TH16 where you can't use the scheduling or timing with the temperature (how extremely poor), I'm really losing faith in this company and their products.

Well, it seems that the only thing to do, is to flash it with another firmware, but I guess it would be tricky to get The ESP8266  into flashmode, without doing a “hack” directly on the chip.

ITead are behaving very unprofessional when they do not respond to our cry for help.

I will buy something else next time.

I'm having the same issue with all my 3 Sonoff usb devices. I can't find any instructions on how to flash it without using flash mode. Anybody knows how to flash a new firmware onto a Sonoff Wifi 5v switch using the board directly?

I am on solar power and as the batteries were once low and the Inverter switched off, I lost two ITEAD devices to the same behaviour. They now just blink 4 times quick, pause, same again and infinitive.

The Relais is switchable manually but no connection or reconnection possibility no more.

What means in this case "factory mode"?

Like before ITEAD flashed the chip with their firmware?

Well in this case I would like to know how to get the original firmware from ITEAD for the different devices and how to flash them - with extra hardware and disassembling?

Then Links would be very appreciated.

Not "a flasher is on the long way boat and I will tell the results later" and never heard again...

When here are so many people with the same outage behaviour and no reaction from ITEAD customer service at all in their own forum, I seriously ask myself if this is the right producer for my smarthome devices.

I started years ago with SonOff devices and flashing them to Tasmota, but decided later to stay on original firmware. So I "lost" already some devices for my final smarthome, because I didn't find a way to flash them back to original. So I bought more without modification. The new ones are now having this behaviour - power outage -> factory mode... What to do?

I don't mind if someone would point to:

- buy this flasher tool

- open the device and connect these cables to those points on the device

- here is a link with the ITEAD-firmwares for the specific devices

But as long as here are no reactions and/or solutions at all.?!

There is more help from Tasmota then from ITEAD itself to find.

I don't understand that behaviour from ITEAD at all, it should be in their interest to keep clients in their cloud - not to loose them all to thirdparty firmware developers because a lot of reasons and bad service would be a big one.

So, as I am basically a fan of SonOff - I like to ask the Support here officially if there is a link to their firmwares and a flashing instruction possibility somewhere on their servers or if they mind to create these and post them. For everyone able to fix alone and want to STAY with ITEAD.

Factory-mode devices I will not buy new!

If there is no help from the manufacturer, I'm with the wrong company

My Sonoff TH 10 device disconnected from ewlink app and cant connect again... it keeps blinking 5 times fast...any solution to reconnect again to ewlink app?

My Sonoff 4CHPROR3 always blink 4 time after disconnect from the old router and also  delete device from application eWeLing  , now i cannot  pair this device  to app.

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