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Sonoff Basic - do I need to connect Neutral Output?

Simple question. Are the Neutral Input and Neutral Output permanently connected?

If so, does the Neutral Output actually need to be connected? Wouldn't the switched Live Output simply flow to the same Neutral?

Answering my own question, examining the back of the circuit board clearly shows that there's a permanent connection between the Neutral In and Neutral Out. I'd guess they're both included since the normal use of a Sonoff Basic is on a cord or flex, where you'd be breaking into both live and neutral connections.

But in my use case, I only need to supply a switched live output that (eventually) flows to the same Neutral as is provided on the input. So I don't think I need to connect the Neutral output at all.

I have the same question here.

I have 2 devices each receiving its own hot live wire with a manual switch but both sharing the same neutral wire back to the main contactor.

If I add a sonoff to each hot wire (taking the manual switch out of the equation) and only the neutral to the input to power each device this should, in theory, switch the hot on and off.

No neutral output needed as both devices already have the neutral in common and wired up in series.

You can do it with the Sonoff Basic on both 2 way and 3 way switched. You just route both neutrals together in to the main neutral line that should be running through with the power running coming from a constant power source and out to your switch or light. 

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