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TH16 new trigger for enabling scenes

Currently there are 2 triggers on TH16.

- Manual (to control TH16 manually or using timers or similar)

- Auto (to control TH16 automatically using the readings on attached sensor)

The problem that I have is that I can't use TH16 on any scene.

I have 2 TH16 devices, both have temperature sensor on them.

TH16-A is downstairs, measuring temperature on water heater.

TH16-B is in my living room, measuring the temperature indoors.

TH16-A usually shows temperatures between 24-60 degrees Celcius.

TH16-B usually shows temperatures between 10-20 degrees Celcius.

TH16-A controls the water circulation pump, which is used to heat the house.

TH16-B controls indoors security camera and some other devices.

I would like to control TH16-A switch based on the temperature reading from TH16-B. E.g. If the temperature on TH16-B has temperature lower than 15, it would switch on the water circulation pump, which is connected on TH16-A.

I have understood that this is currently not possible, maybe because of the 2 triggers on TH16.

I think there are 2 possible resolutions for this:

1) enable TH16 to be controllable by scenes for the manual trigger setting on TH16.


2) introduce third trigger option for scenes, so there would be Manual/Auto/Scene triggers, and when TH16 uses the Scene option, the switch would be controllable by the scenes on eWeLink.

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