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Sunrise / Sunset trigger - feature request

Sunset / Sunrise function request. What we really lack in the eWelink system is a Sunset / Sunrise feature with +/- offset time option. Most people who want to control the light with an hour function, which is Sonoff's strongest function, also want to be able to control by sunset and sunrise. And in many situations also being able to add 15-30 minutes before or after a given set point. Of course, this can be done with IFTTT, but makes a feature very unmanageable to maintain. If isunrise / sunset trigger was a trigger directly in eWelink, then that would be great, and give very high value for the hole Sonoff / eWelink system. Imagine being able to control the light in the living room, or the outdoor light causing the sunlight or lack of the same. Everyone would like to.

hi, you can set in "select location" a spot in the map a little more to the east or west of where you live to have a delay or an advance of a command.
I hope I explained myself.


What I want is to be able to turn on or off a device when the sun goes down or rises. It is naturally important for the app to know the time zone and location I am staying in for the app to calculate the correct time for sunset and sunrise. It's the option of activating a Sonoff device at sunset or sunrise that I miss.
Paolo_196 I dont see any map in my eWelink androide version. Sune

You must go in "scene". Add one. In "IF" function you'll find Sunrise/Sunset. Select it and then "Select location". It will open "Google maps"... The rest is easy.

regards, Paolo.

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Thank you so much Paolo

I had not discovered that a feature had arrived there.
I am super happy about that. :-D

You are welcome.


I still fill it would be great to add an ability to offset the gone from sunset. For example be available to turn the lights ON 15 or 30 minutes prior to sunset. I know as a workaround it's possible to move the location on the map but it's not the best option.

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How to set "light on" x-minutes before sunset and "light off" x-hours after sunset. I tried to "program" that but it seems not possible. Anyone able to help/assist?

sonoff dusk/dawn feature in smart scene is totally useless, it is not working properly. It misses the triggers frequently (twice in a week almost) and can be disastrous. Can anyone help me about the issue? Is it bug or what?

I have properly configure my place (current position) as well. Thanks in advance

I can only comment with the Zigbee PIR SNZB 03. In the eWeLink app you can create a scene when the PIR detects movement, it will turn on a switch such as the mini.  You can also have the option of including a condition in the app that it will only turn on (or off) the switch if the sun sets or rises,  BUT the flaw is, that this isn't during the period of the sun setting until the sun rises, but at that very point the sun sets, (and it detects movement) then the switch is told to turn on.  

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