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How do I get my lights bulbs and switches working together, feel like I'm missing something

The end result I'm after is rooms with lights in them I can 

Physically Turn on/off

Adjust brightness

change Colours

Use voice controls

I brought Sonoff switches and wired the house, this was great as the lights had a physical on/off and also use voice control.

I then brought 6 smart lights which could adjust brightness and also change colours.

The issue I found out the hard way is that to get the best out of the bulbs I need to have power going to them all the time :(.

I thought I could use a slightly different switch that still used ewelink and had a dimmer but then retested the bulbs and the bulbs wont work with a dimmer :(

So stuck, I can see easily how I can keep the power going to the bulb yet still have a physical switch on the wall.

My last thing I'm trying is to purchase a sonoff RF Hub and a ewelink 433Mhz button panel, I'm planning on linking this to the hub then using ifttt to perform tasks on the bulb when the button is pressed.

I'm I still heading  down the wrong track or has someone else worked this out.

Another one to think of this is that I would like the same outcome that the Philips Hue offer but not at their high price, e.g. light bulbs do most the work with a battery onoff/dimmer switch 

I'd like to know the answer to this as well

Does any one know of RGB smart bulb that are dimmer compatible (not to be mixed up with having a dimmer function) ?

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