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Bug scene TH16 + effective period

If you build a scene as in the image.

If after 20:00 the temperature drops below 18 ° C the perfome is executed.

If at 20:00 the teperature detected by the TH16 is <= 18 ° C the perform is not performed.

In my opinion when you enter the time set in effective period you need to check "Condition" and if TRUE execute "Perform".



Hi Rod, I do have same issue. I am trying to trigger a Heater system based on different periods of the day and temperatures. If we use scene and a second SONOFF device it should be possible, but the scene for some strange reason does not trigger the second device. I read that you should powered the second device from TH16, and keep the second device as "ON" in the "Powe-on State"option. I have not tried yet. 

Example 1 (ok)



18                                            |_____                                 


Hours 19:00    20:00    21:00    22:00


On                                          ______


Hours 19:00    20:00    21:00    22:00

Example 2 (not ok)





Hours 19:00    20:00    21:00    22:00




Hours 19:00    20:00    21:00    22:00

Example 3 (as I wish it did)





Hours 19:00    20:00    21:00    22:00


On                            ___________              


Hours 19:00    20:00    21:00    22:00

Fabio, could explain better your diagram? Or let me know if this is what you mean: e.g.

Example 1 (ok): If temperature > 19 between 19:00@22:00  this will perform "On" in a Sonoff Basic. And this is working. However when you want to perform "Off" it does not?

I just realized that second sonoff must be a Sonoff Pro 4 Ch or Sonoff DIY 5 volt. Scene does not work well with Sonoff Basic.

If the temperature is <= 18 degrees before 20:00, after 20:00 the perform will not be activated. (example 2)

I would like it to activate as in example 3.

Fabio, in my case it is working well. Scene works during their set-up period. In my case I do have the following configuration:

(1) Scene: Trigger "ON" Sonoff 4Ch Pro if TH16 =< 20 between 17:00@24:00

(2) Scene: Trigger "OFF" Sonoff 4Ch Pro if TH16 >=20 between 17:00@24:00

(3) Scene: Schedule at 24:00 Trigger "OFF" Sonoff 4Ch Pro

Then I repeat the same for another period:

(4) Scene: Trigger "ON" Sonoff 4Ch Pro if TH16 =< 20 between 6:30@08:30

(5) Scene: Trigger "OFF" Sonoff 4Ch Pro if TH16 >=20 between 6:30@08:30

(6) Scene: Schedule at 08:30 Trigger "OFF" Sonoff 4Ch Pro

The above scene should work for you too. Just change the hours as you need it.

Strange to me it doesn't work. 

With the scene you have set: 

if before 17:00 you have a temperature <= 20 degrees and the trigger = Off and the time exceeds 17:00 does the trigger turn On? You've tried?

Of course the optimal definition from eWeLink should be < and >=, and not <= and =>, since it will have the logical mistake for what to do at the same temperature fixed in both condition (my example T>=20 & T<=20). In my case it works fine, maybe because the order of the scene, first check if Temperature is lower that setup value, then it triggers the action to "On", then if the Temperature reach the setup value triggers the action to "Off". See the enclosed screenshot. 

Sorry, I forgot the rest of the screenshot.

Fabio, I found a solution that should work for you too. Use scene and the schedule in the second device (4ch Pro). Scene always control over schedule. E.g. scene T<=20 deg trigger on second device. And if T>=20 it turn second device off, effective between 17:00@0:00. Now the trick here is to schedule in the second device On and Off in the same period. Second device turn On at 17:01 and it also turn Off at 0:01. Now if T>20 deg at 17:01 scene will put the second device Off just after schedule put it On. Hope this solve your issue.

Dear Friends of Forum. I open a ticket yesterday about my problem and now I found your eperience shared here. I hope it will help me. I programed now my system and tomorrow I will monitor if its worked or not.

In my system, I have a TH16 in a water reservator for bathroom. I am using contact señor on it so Humidity is not being monitored.

In the other side I have a ITED basic responsible for turn on and turn off the HEATER (though a power relay).

There is no physically connection between the son off devices.

I defined a logic like this:

scene 1: if T<=65 celsius than ITEAD basic  must be in ON (between 16:00 and 20:00) everyday

scene 2: If T>=75 celsius than ITEAD basic must be in OFF (during 24hs) everyday

Whats happened: The system did not TURNED ON ITEAD BASIC at 16:00 and the temperature was less than 65 celsius.

This logic works fine if I put scene 1 running 24 hs everyday.

So, after read your comments, I put a timer 1 min less too turn on and 1 min later to turn off the heaters and I hope it will work!

Hi Vinicius, it should work. It is working fine with my system. Cheers.
Dear Rod! GOALLLLL! Your trick solve the problem here too! I will test tomorrow before 16:00 with reservator in 70 celsius if it will be ok too! I hope so! today on 16:01 the system was with temp less than 65 and started like expected! lets see tomorrow with temp higher if the system will be in off ! rgs
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