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Sonoff RF Only Connects If I Disable WPA2 Security Completely.

It only works if I disable WPA2 security on the network completely.  Otherwise it doesn't connect to the router at all.  

It sometimes registers in the ewelink app and I get to the point where I name the device but the light on the device just keeps blinking one green per second and shows as offline in the app.

I had to twiddle around with it quite a bit but eventually I got to a point where, if I disabled WPA2 security on the network, the Sonoff RF would connect with a solid green light and I could finally control it from within the ewelink app.  

Obviously, it isn't ideal to have to completely disable my network security to get the thing to connect.  If I re-enable network security it disconnects again.  Disable network security - BOOM! - automatically reconnected again.

I'm using Linksys WRT3200ACM for my main router with DD-WRT firmware and WDS.  This is the one the Sonoff doesn't connect to.  

I also tested using a Linksys e4200 with stock firmware.  With the e4200 I could connect initially without WPA2 security and then re-enable the WPA2 security and the Sonoff would reconnect just fine even with the security re-enabled.

Hi Did you resolved it eventually? Have same problem Can't connect to secured wireless, just unscured

I have the same issues did anybody resolve this.  Again it is DD-WRT on a Linksys Router

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