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Add a "toggle" (on/off) switch support to the SONOFF wifi/RF modules (Basic,RF,POW)

All Sonoff WiFi/RF  Wireless Switch have support for a "push button", where you can turn On/Off the module by pressing the small push button included in the device.  You can easily solder  2 additional cables on the push button connectors and add a second, external push button if you want.

Unfortunately, a most common scenario is to have a toggle switch (a regular wall switch for example). This is  not supported by default on the hardware and or firmware. 

With some modifications on the hardware, you can add this using the GPIO 14 port. There are several youtube videos explaining how to add this using the tasmota firmware. If we have this functionality available on the default firmware and hardware will be great. 

( Search on youtube for "sonoff toggle switch"or "sonoff override switch"to see some examples.  

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This is what the Sonoff mini does, if I understand you correctly.

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Also this has cheap solution to programm via eWeLink that supports turn on/off scenario(Task) manually already, but is not allowed to use as action(execution).  It´s normal tool in every task manager but these deveolopers would have to be dump to not do this, but somehow it seems it´s on purpose and I don´t know why.


If Door open, bulb is ON and also task "bulb on" is off and also task "bulb off" is on.

If Door open, bulb is OFF and also task "bulb on" is on and also task "bulb off" is off.

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such functionality will save on switches programmed in the bridge
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