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Firmware upstate stuck at 90% lots

I had 4 devices that would not update firmware and never went past 90%, although worked fine. I had a couple spare and bought another 2 new ones direct from ITEAD. I’m using the same wifi that has successfully updated some Basics and Pow 1 or 2 and a Th. 7 won’t update. The one that does is an old one that was refusing before. The brand new ones from the ITEAD store were supplied with old firmware (2.6). I tried proximity. I tried changing wifi network. I tried changing to b/g/n. This is clearly a bug and not just a dodgy device or two. For 7 of 8 to complain, including 4 unused and 2 brand new… It seems to me to be a Th thing, although I’ve seen it in some Pow1 I used to have in past.

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