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TH16 - not displaying humidity value

Hi, I recently bought a TH16 and Si7021 and both working properly. I could see a humidity gauge and the temperature value in the app but no way seeing the exact humidity value. I did some googling and seems like other people have a different screen than mine which shows both the temperature and humidity values. Can someone please help and shed some light on how to show the humidity value in the app? I’m using version 3.3.0.

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It used to show exact values. Now they didn't do the whole thing and nobody cares that everyone wants exact value.

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What’s the point of having a temperature humidity meter when it doesn’t show the humidity values?! Some people might not care but some other people out there might. This is a fundamental design bug and it needs fixing. My suggestion is to have the exact humidity value displayed next to the humidity gauge. This is like having a smart switch but you can’t remote control it because no one cares, and all they want is just a switch.

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Same problem here! I bought this as a humidity sensor and I want to know my exact humidity level!

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I'm having the same problem, the TH16 is not showing the exact value of humidity. Please make the eWeLink app display the exact humidity number (%RH) the sensor is reading. Thanks!

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I have the same problem friends and they don't give a f..k. I need to see the exact humidity values and money went to the garbage because of this. Hope they would solve as soon as possible.

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Same problem here.  The dumb f who decided to get rid of the rh value should be fire!

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Same problem here + having decimal values support is very needed

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It seems that they don't look to the forum folks and it is useless to write to here. I created a ticket and they replied back that we will fix it but its been 4 month since they are saying the same thing. Because of that, i think we should make a ticket bombarding. I still couldn't understand that how did they do such a stupid thing like that...

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Warning: DON'T UPGRADE TO 3.3.1 - it breaks temperature measurement and then it only ever shows 85C.

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Thanks for the warning Jerry!! I will make sure not to update any firmware on my working devices. Jerry open a trouble ticket ASAP. Hopefully this can be resolved.

YW, there's already one  open and a LOT of people have the problem now, it's appalling.

Maybe people need to write reviews to explain these issues about the product?

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The new version of eWeLink v3.14.0 on iOS claims to restore the humidity readout! "Temp / humidity level is replaced with value on TH10/16" Can anyone confirm it actually works?
Hi all, I’ve recently upgraded to the newer version and can confirm that both the humidity value and temperature value are now displayed on the app. Thank you Sonoff for listening to their customers. Well done and keep up the great work!
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