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TH16 - temperature stuck at 85 degree C

After upgrade from 3.3.0 to 3.3.1 temperature stuck at 85 degree C.

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New TH16 with new water proof probe display 85°c with probe in or out.

All solutions above tried and failed.

occasionally display correct temp for about 10s then reverts to 85.

firmware 3.4.1

Does the unit display 85° As default when sensor faulty as it does when no sensor is inserted?

has this issue ever been resolved?

similar problem on a th10 with DS18B20, temperature randomly falls to 0 degress, (sometime -3800 degrees), this causes automatic functions to trigger. My registry is full of events, it happens randomly and the entire process (from ON to OFF and back to ON when sensor reading is restored) takes exactly 10 seconds. Cannot say if it is hardware or software related, I already tried to enlarge the hole to be sure that the sensor jack fits completely in the socket, but it did not fix the issue. I tried to move and twist the connector while in function but nothing happened, so I suppose it's not related to loose connections/bad weldings. I have another th16 with DS18B20 but no issues at all. Please confirm if I need to wait for a firmware update, or it' better to replace sensor/unit as may be related to hardware. Thanks ahead!

Yes, re-sell Sonoff in my country and have notices much more issues. Mostly related to the connector not seating well in the socket, what is one of the causes to provoke the 85 degree reading. I now make the cabinet hole bigger in all the units I resell so the cabint plastic does not interfere with the connector. That helps most of the times. There is definitely an "oportunity for improvement" on the product side cause this is the most failing device on the entire Sonoff line cause of that issue. Regards, Mario.

Hello My th16r2 with 3.4.1 firmware os getting this error.. 85 degres this problem affects more users ?

Quote from the Support Team:

I'm so sorry it's a problem with the software, not the hardware, the result would be the same if we send you a replacement. So we recommend waiting for the new firmware.

To the question when it comes to a new firmware update the following answer was given:
we will update the firmware version in the new year, please wait

Now it is time to wait and drink coffee

Same thing with humidity on TH16 + AM2301. It only changes on device reboot and stuck at this level until next reboot.

I bought a new TH10. Doing a firmware update to version 3.3.0 right at the beginning. Now I noticed that the humidity display in the app is always the same. Only after I disconnect the device from the power or I plug the sensor out and in again the value is updated.

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Same problem as Rogerio except on the TH16. Humidity/Temperature is only accurate when device is turned on or the sensor is reconnected and stays at the same value/never updates.

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Solved ! Had the exact same issue, temp stuck at 85 deg, the probe does not fully insert to the th16 unit, What you need to do is widen the hole with a step drill bit, you will notice the difference straight away, when you insert the plug again, it goes further in, ever so slightly, however this makes all the difference, and the probe start reading accurately Good luck
At my TH10 I get the correct values of temperature and humidity at start but never update. If I reboot get correct values again but never change.

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I have a problem with humidity, still 100%
when will an update that corrects the temperature problem be released?

I would like to downgrade to 3.2.2 version, but I have the 3.3.1 and I don't know how to revert.

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3.2.2 vers All ok

Carl - I have reopened a new bug report.

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