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TH16 - temperature stuck at 85 degree C

After upgrade from 3.3.0 to 3.3.1 temperature stuck at 85 degree C.

(205 KB)

The problem reason in picture.

But very interesting thing - problem appeared after upgrade to 3.3.1 :)


I have EXACTLY the same issue here.

Temp stuck on 85C

Did you fix this somehow?

I have also same problem. I wrote to itead service, they asked for additional information about device, firmware, router etc. But i have no solution yet
Very clever answer of technicians from itead

i have same problem, it is working older firmware truely. But after fw update the temperature is 85 Celcius. This is not related with hardware problem, it is only FW problem. 

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So how can i fix it?

i dont know, i think it is not able to fix on this FW. We have to downgrade FW or sonoff must publish new FW that consist of fixed this problem.  

I have the same issue. I did kill the power supply to the unit. it still gives the same reading. how can we rollback the firmware?

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also - why does the it say " solved" on the topic? Or did I miss something?

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i think i have to thorough to garbage this product.  

I have the same problem too. It is unusable.

Hello All - I fixed mine by unplugging the temp probe and plugging it back in again. 

Good Luck

I did that not helping

i tried what Gerhardt say but not fixed. Because everything is related firmware. 

I bought a new sonoff th10 and used same probe. It is working :) but the updated product is not working. I am scaring to update my sonoff

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