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T4EU1C installation

We are installing T4EU1C in one of our projects. The switch will control 3 to 4 lights. In this case, where to install the flash elimination module? In every light or one light will be enough? See the attached diagram.


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I have the same question. I also want to ask if is there a minimum watt load that is nessesary because I test it on 5w lamp and it is not working.

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Same question here ! bought wrong wall switch and do not want to make the same mistake again off ending up with a not fitting unit. Have 4 lights in the garden and NO Neutral in the place of the old switch so please Itead technicians respond with a simple  yes is possible of no you need to do something extra (like purchase extra  flash elimination module behind each light)

Finally I made the test by self and it is working with flash eliminator module even with 5w led lamp.. Put it with parallel connection on any lamp as the shape on the first question and it is working perfectly.

Thnak you for testing so we do not need  extra  modules with multiple lights?

I test it on a 10lamp system and it is working like great with flash eliminator on just one lamp as I said ....before I add the eliminator module the switch was switching off by it self after fiew seconds

 Hi thank you for sharing you are my hero :D. One last question since you have them both. is the glass panel interchangeable ? The T4EU1C only comes in white and i have a black "wrong" version i would really like it to be black ?

Yes the glass panel is totally separated

So i can use the black T3 panel on this T4 ? 

I dont have T3 ...I m waiting the T2 to come... but I guess must be the same dimension ...just pay attention that on front of the T4EU1C  panel there is only one circle draw.

I dont have T3 I m just waiting the T2 to come... but I guess they have the same dimensions..check the dimensions that seller gives you

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Had contact with itead support. They say no black version soon :(  and the T3 is slightly different than T4 so will not work not to swap panel :(

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