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Ifan02 unable to control fan and light independently

I have a sonoff ifan02 Wi-Fi ceiling fan controller. Up until now it was showing as two devices in Google home. A light and a fan. Google home all of a sudden is showing them as a single device and now the fan/light cannot be controlled separately. I have tried removing/re-adding the device from ewelink and also Google home with the same result. Any ideas?

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Did you find the solution for your problem.i have same problem

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Did you find the solution for your problem.i have same problem

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Yes after emailing Sonoff they replied with the following: "Now the UI of the Ifan02 is shown as one device. And it can't be controlled seperately on the google home app. But we add more functions to the voice control. You can use the sentences below to control the devices.!AmXuF9W_KNCRbaoAObxKMI8vFhQ?e=4HfvTc" I then used the new commands and made some easier to use routines in Google Home. As an example, I have attached some screenshots of the routines. I also attached the list of new commands. Hope this helps.

I have the same problem, I am thinking about buying a Sonoff RF Bridge and trying to control the lamp and fan separately in this way, but would the lamp of my second ifan03 turn on also at the same time? or does each remote control work on a different frequency?

and does anyone know how I can say this in another language? in the Portuguese case?

i have same problem with iFan03, lamp goes on and also the fan

get no answer from  sonoff

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