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Multi Conditions in Scene

I think this feature is essential.

I'm little bit confused with the post's I found on this forum where there is mentioned that in Scenes two conditions can be added like in this post

I have exact the same problem like Kater Garfield. My PIR sensor and light is outside and it needs to be controlled with multiple conditions (Sunrise/Sunset, PIR sensor) . It would be great if you could ad feature or AND , OR on multi conditions and grouping for the conditions.

Another great feature for this particular scenario that involves light and PIR sensor is that on the Perform side of the Scene I't can be added itching timer. Because I want my light to be turned on by the Scene and on for 2 minutes but also I want to be able to turn lights manually and when I turn them manually they can be on until I turn them off. I know that I can go into settings for the light and turn off itching but what if I have three lights I't is annoying to go in each light settings an turn that on or of when I need it or not.

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Yes i fully agree with this also.We need Multiple If Conditions when setting up scenes 

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confermo come indicato in un mio post. E' un'esigenza di molti! Vi prego di ascoltarci

I would like to have this role.

for example:

If I open the garage and after sunset the light turn on

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This is an essential feature! Does it have any forecast to be released?

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