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Sonoff t1 stopped working

I have a problem sonoff T1 stopped working permanently and there is low illumination but no internet connection and the touch does not work 

I have 5 devices Sonoff T1 3gang 

Two of them do not work and three devices work 

All the devices were working for three months, one stopped working after several days and the other stopped working 

I don't know what the solution is

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I also have same problem. Any resolution for this issue ??

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No :( Write to support...

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I have same problem. We need support by ITEAD..

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i have the same problem and have been dealing with them since novemeber of 19.

sending them videos...

at the beginning i had 4 bad units. they replaced. now i have 5 more bad.

made videos but tech support doesnt believe me!!!

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