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EWeLink don not pair dNew devices with iOS 13

After a update at iOS 13.2 is impossible to pair new devices

6 people have this problem

Have you made sure location access is set to “while using”? That worked perfectly for me. Without that setting, I could not pick up my Wi-Fi network to start the pairing process.
Yes, it has permission to access location while using. Since it is not working on iOS 13.3.1 and I don't have an old device with iOS 12, my only option was install ewelink app on my android tv (see attached image). Trough my android tv it worked.
I cant see it being location service i know its working for some here but from wht i can see its definitely IOS 13 thats the issue. Glad its work but thats a cool work around altho you have to tilt your head 
I have 3 TH16 devices and would like to get many more, IF I CAN get them to work!!! iPhone iOS 13.3. Don’t have an older or Android device. Google Wifi mesh Tried everything moving closers, moving far away. Don’t even see it in the WiFi option on phone.... please help..... I have been searching for something to do thing that this device should be able to do.
Hi Timothy, try install Bluestacks (an way to run Android in Windows or Mac OS, search on internet) and run ewelink on it. I think this works.
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