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EWeLink don not pair dNew devices with iOS 13

After a update at iOS 13.2 is impossible to pair new devices

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I had paired with several Sonoff switches prior to my update to iOS 13.x - I updated to 13.x a couple of weeks ago and (coincidentally) I received an RF Bridge that refuses to pair, even in compatibility mode.  Once I get to the step that has you add the network name (SSID) and password, the ewelink app shows an SSID of 'WiFi' that cannot be changed, therefore it can never connect to my actual wifi SSID.  Federico - are these your symptoms?

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To solve the SSID problem you have to change the settings on your iPhone, go to general setting, scroll to eWeLink app end set positioning to “when in use”. I did that, and I was able to start the pairing with my SSID, but without success. After several hrs of attempt I’ve tried with an old iPad with iOS 10 and I was able to pair my Sonoff 4CH pro

Thanks, Federico - I just found that thread and was able to pair but ONLY in compatibility mode.  And I had to type in the SSID, there was no scrollable list (like I think I remember from pairing attempts with other devices).  Cheers.

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They’ve completely messed up the pairing function on iOS

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Same problem.... Not ok since I am installing 8 Sonoff mini with an electrician. Will try to find an old iPad... 

The "quick fix" of going into Settings >> Ewelink >> Location services and changing to "when using" does work.  No idea why, but it does...

It does work with the above solution. Thx to all! 
It did work! Thank you! 

Hi all, this seems to not be working for me i have just purchased 8 new TX wall switches to replace my older models but i cannot get a single one paired also purchased a pro 4 again no joy in connecting.

Is anyone still struggling as the above fix has not worked for me :-(

It did work for me after have tried to change the location services to ” Only when used”

@ola Hansson,

Does this only fix the "cant change wifi password" issue do you know? i can change the password it just wont pair.

Hi everybody, the skill above, fix only the WiFi issue, to pair, u have to use an old iPhone or iPad that doesn’t have the iOS updated, this unless they fix the problem with iOS 13
I don’t agree. The fix does work on iOS13. When you change the location settings, this allows the app to pick up your wifi network. You will know it has worked when “Wifi” changes to the ID of your router.
Yes but doesn’t pair!!!!!!!
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