eWeLink What's New for Android 3.12.0

eWeLink Android 3.12.0 was released on 08 Oct, 2019,  and you can learn more details via this post on SONOFF Official site. 

Hi Scott, can you tell us which sensor it is (Point 2.1) and which camera (Point 2.2)?

In India we are facing often power cuts and its not possible to keep on switching on the sonoff r2 .is there any possibilities to bring back the Power On State mode. or do you have any idea about other alternatives. and pls let me know anybody out there working on this issue.

archana-its in the app.pls go to device setting-power response.there are three options.for your purpose choose the last one -cheers

Mohamad, yes such option is available of the earlier version but such power-on state is not available in the current version of sonoff R2.

Here am attaching the screenshot of the earlier and current version of sonoff R2.

is this is due to the firmware update ??

do any other applications provide such power-on state??image



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