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IFTTT working on one device only

I was trying out the IFTTT as I have seen many people talking about it as a great app to control the IOT devices. However I was able to find only one device on the list. Then I searched this forum and noticed that other people have similar issues as well.

Is it really so that IFTTT supports only one Sonoff device per username?

Or is it Sonoff restriction on IFTTT?

Or a firmware version issue?

Please confirm if you really know the answer.

Is there ever going to be more Sonoff devices supported on IFTTT?

The reason that I started with IFTTT is that I wanted to control a 1-gang switch device (with temperature probe in it) based on a temperature monitor on another sonoff device with a Scene.

One device is for water pump, and it has temperature probe on the water heater.

Second device is indoors, and it measures indoors temperature and humidity with a probe connected to it. Both are working fine and they aren't on auto mode.

I would want to control the water pump based on the indoors temperature with a scene.

I was able to find the temperature on the condition setting on both of those devices. However I am unable to find either of those devices on the execute box.

I calculated the devices on that view and compared it against the devices that I have configured. There were 10 more devices that I have, compared to the devices that I could choose from on the Scene setting. And the funny thing is that I have 9 devices with a temperature/humidity probe on them.

So.. I cannot control those devices on Scene settings on ewelink, and I can't find those devices on IFTTT.

The TH16 cannot be controlled by a scene, because it is controlled by temperature. But you may use the TH16 as trigger for a scene to control another switch. This must be a pure switch, with no temperature sensor capabilities.

As I can see now, you cannot use shared devices not owned by you with IFTTT. This is really bad, almost to consider as a bug. The same goes for scenes. You cannot use shared devices owned by others in a scene. I can somehow understand that for triggers, but it should really be possible to turn deviceS ON or OFF. :-) :-(

I really hope Sonoff can fix this issue.

the thing is that i can only see 1 device on ifttt. i have 20+ devices on that account.
i removed everything i had on ifttt and connected to eweliink again. now all/most of the devices are there. i don't know what went wrong earlier, but for now this issue is solved.
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