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Sonoff Basic RF is turned on with scene involving other devices (IFTTT)

Really strange behavior that is making my crazy, if you have a scene configured in ewelink (any device) and at same time you have an applet created in IFTTT for that device then a third device is turned on that has nothing to do with them. Example: I have set up a scene that if I turn off light A then light B is also turned off. In the other hand and nothing related with previous scene, I have a Sonoff rf that I run manually. Both works great BUT if you have an applet created in IFTTT that includes light B (notification if light B is off) then the Sonoff rf turns on. Sonoff rf isnt present in any ifttt applet neither in any activated ewelink scene. And that is an example cause that happens with any scene and any device. For the love of God what is happening?
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