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SonOff Mini Failures

Both of the SonOff mini which i installed (in the same location) have failed after only a few days. Is there any chance that the circuit is causing them to fail?  Both seem to have failed in the same way.

The PSU has failed in both, the fusible resistor has blown and U1 is blown up too. Applying 3v3, they don't work and take about 500mA (so the MCU seems to have failed also).

They are driving about 15W of LED light, and are connected to a 2-way switch circuit which was previously part of an old lighting circuit.

Is there anything I can do to investigate when I get a replacement, or any issues to take care of particularly? 

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I try to change the fusible resistor and it working only 4 seconds and burned. Good for recycle box ...
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