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Sonoff 4CH Pro R2 not performing as expected - how to remedy?

I have a Sonoff 4CH Pro R2. I set switch S6 to 1 (Self-locking/Inching). I forget what I set the various switches in K5 to. The switches in K6 I set to the middle (neither 0 or 1) so I could control the inching delay from within eWeLink.

Although it's not documented in the 4CH Pro R2 User Manual, you can switch between Self-locking and Inching mode within the software. What position should the K5 switches be in if you want to be able to switch between the two modes in the software or does it matter?

Here's the problem I'm having: No matter if I set Devices 3 or 4 to Self-locking or Inching within the software, whenever I turn one of those devices on it turns the other one off (if it is on). The only other device I have on the switch is on Channel 1. I haven't been able to test if it gets turned off when either Channel 3 or 4 gets turned on.

Why am I unable to run Channels 3 and 4 at the same time? Is it possible that I have inadvertenly set S6 to Interlock? Is there any other possible explanation for why CH 3 and 4 are acting like they're in Interlock mode?

Crickets. No one has any insights to offer or anythng to suggest?

I finally was able to uninstall the Sonoff from my hot tub and got into it and discovered I had inadvertently set S6 the wrong way so it was set in interlock mode. I set it correctly and now I am able to run multiple devices simultaneously. Now another problem has developed. I will be asking for help on that by opening up a support ticket.

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