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Sonoff 4ch Pro Rev. 2 - Huh??

Hi everyone,

im so lost.

I installed this on my DB Board to 'Hopefully' control 4 things, at the same time or maybe one at a time or hey even 2 since its a 4 channel controller I assumed it could control 4 channels. 

is their a solutions to this?

I have removed the cover turned the s6 switch and then I can do what I want (above) but the devices or channels only remain on for a second or three. I'm no genius so please guys and gals if you know what I've gone and done wrong please let me know.\


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It sounds like your devices are all set in inching mode. What position are the K5 switches in? If they're down (0) they're in inching mode. They need to be up (1) to put then into self-locking mode. I'm not sure what the default position is.

It should be noted that the software has been updated so that you can switch between inching and self=locking mode in the software and set the self-inching duration to anything in eWeLink. Previously, self-inching mode and duration all had to be set through the dip-switches. What I'm not sure of is what position the K5 switches need to be set to in order to be able to switch between self-inching and self-locking in the software. I'm going to post a question about this shortly. 

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