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Just want to confirm what I can and cannot do in eWeLink

I have a 4CH Pro R2 that I'm controlling with eWeLink.

I have it set up so that CH1 is in inching mode and I can control the duration of the operation within the software - don't need to hard set it with the dipswitches. Lovely feature that.  :-)

What I would like to do is to have Channel 1 turn on for a set period of time (controlled by me in the software) and then at a certain point (say 1 minute) after Channel 1 has turned off, Channel 2 turns on and then a little later (say 30 seconds later_ Channel 3 turns on. I then only want those channels to be on for a short period of time (say 3 minutes) and then turn off.

So the basic progression of events is as follows:

1. Channel 1 turns on and runs for X number of seconds and then turns off.

2. After a set delay period (say 2 minutes), Channel 2 turns on.

3. After 30 more seconds, Channel 3 turns on.

4. After 2 more minutes Channel 2 turns off.

5. 30 seconds after Channel 2 turns off, Channel 3 turns off.


Can I set up different scenes where the duration of the inching mode on Channel 1 is different? (e.g.  in Scene 1 it powers up only 15 seconds and in Scene 2 it's 30 seconds? 

In those scenes, is it also possible to set up timers  the other channels so that at a certain amount of time after Channel 1 has completed its on cycle, Channel 2 turns on and then say 30 seconds later Channel 3 turns on?

In that scenario, if I only wanted channels 2 and 3 to be on for a set length of time, say 3 minutes, would I have to use inching mode on those channels or can I leave those channels in self-locking mode and use timers in the software to control how long it takes before those channels turn off? 

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