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Controlling a TH16 in a different country

I want to control and monitor the temperature of a TH16 in a property in France but I am in the United Kingdom. Is this possible? If so what if anything do I have to do ? I can set up the WiFi connection to a router in France and check it all works correctly, with "France" as the location when I set it all up. But when I am in England will I have to do anything special to make contact?

In the free world, the Internet knows no international boundaries so controlling a device from country to country is pretty much the same thing as controlling it from house to house except the transit time for the control signal to travel from your phone/device to the Sonoff may be a little longer but in a world becoming increasingly interconnected by fiberoptic cable, the time delays across the globe are small.

I have now been able to test a login from Singapore to UK and it all worked well and very quickly. I asked my son who is in Singapore at the moment to use my UK login details and then control my TH16. He was able to observe the response time using a Skype video call and reported it looked instant. Looks promising for the France link.
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