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Sonoff 4ch pro RF Learning and scenes


i wanted you to ask for a new feature on the 4ch pro.

it would be great to have an option in the settings, to turn off the RF-Learning...

the thing is, that people sometimes accidentally push the hardwarebutton twice, so it is waiting for an RF signal... if it gets anyhow a signal, it will randomly switch.

so it would be great to turn this mode off when i dont need it anymore.

the second feature would be, to make a scene for 2 buttons on the same 4ch pro

for example, i switch CH1 it should automatically switch CH2 also....

if this would be possible without internet connection (like the timer settings) it would be much greater :)

Thank you so far for your really nice Products!!!

I would appreciate, if you could come back with an answer directly, or if you have further questions regarding my requests


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