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Schedule with temperature TH10

Hi all, I have an TH10 that I use to turn on my boiler and heat the hot water. What I need to achieve is to have it on schedule, but only fire up if the temperature is below a certain threshold. If the temperature is already at 50C I wouldn't want it to fire up the boiler, which is what happens today with the current schedule. Is there another way to configure it? Thank you.

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What you could do is to use a second sonoff to turn on the boiler and have the th10 as a measuring unit.

then you can create a scene for ex. if my thermostat is above 50deg turn boiler on thene create one scene for the turn off.  Then the scenes can be running durring the period of time you want and not 24/7.

I hope I helped.

Hey many thanks for the reply.

So, keep that sonoff that controls the boiler as is, but remove the temperature sensor, get a second one that only measures temperature and use that to measure the temperature. And setup a scene where the one that controls the boiler gets triggered by the one with the temp sensor? Do I have this correctly?

Yes correct!

Thanks very much.

Thank you :-) 

can I schedule a TH10  that switches a heater by temperature?

I want to turn it on between 8:00  and 22:00, so that the TH10 keeps the temperature between 21-23 C

but if I turn it to AUTO the schedule doesn't work

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