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the scene is activated even if the trigger is off

 I put a sensor for the door obviously connected to the bridge, then I set a scene that turns on a light as soon as the door opens. But this scene activates by itself after I turn off the light after about 10 minutes, without the door sensor being activated. I checked all the sets and if I turn off the scene obviously the light remains off. So it's a ewelink bug.

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I have the same probleme, I found out that the problem is that every time that the sonoff bridge loose wifi or is unpluigwd, when I conect it back and get wifi again the ligth turns on even if the door sensor is not touched, so in my case with every micro cut of the wifi the light turns on by itself every 20 minutes, it will be great if this problem get fixed and the scene is just trigered when it has to (when the door sensor is opened ONLY).

PS: I also find that if i check the door sensor log it shows only the "open" event log, but if i check the scene log it show more events in the log (thats its because include the events whent the wifi came back)

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Last ewelink software update v3.11.1 fix this problem, thanks !

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