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Sonoff mini R8 resistance

Hi there, my antenna touch a piece of metal and the R8 as blowing up. It is possible to know the exact value of this part for replacement? Thank you

Sorry I make a mistake. The location of the part are R9. Thank you. There are pic
(908 KB)
It is so hard to give me the awnser???

Well, the resistor is 39 Ohm. I guess this is acting as a fuse and something else is also broken. I already destroyed one failed SonOff mini where this component had become open circuit because I didn't investigate to carefully.

I've had two devices fail now, after only a couple of days use.

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Same here. Thank you very much for your awnser. I gonna command this part and try to solve this problem. I let you know when it done. Thank again. really appreciate

Mine came with R9 busted straight out of the box.  This looks like a 5 band resistor which has limited availability in my country.  Planning to replace it with a 4 band 39 ohm resistor with 0.05% tolerance.  Does anyone know if this will work or otherwise?


Hi, I connect in the wrong way my sonoff mini, nobody solve replacing the 39 Ohm resitor (R9)?

Please let me good news.

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