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Sonoff mini R8 resistance

Hi there, my antenna touch a piece of metal and the R8 as blowing up. It is possible to know the exact value of this part for replacement? Thank you

Sorry I make a mistake. The location of the part are R9. Thank you. There are pic
(908 KB)
It is so hard to give me the awnser???

Well, the resistor is 39 Ohm. I guess this is acting as a fuse and something else is also broken. I already destroyed one failed SonOff mini where this component had become open circuit because I didn't investigate to carefully.

I've had two devices fail now, after only a couple of days use.

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Same here. Thank you very much for your awnser. I gonna command this part and try to solve this problem. I let you know when it done. Thank again. really appreciate

Mine came with R9 busted straight out of the box.  This looks like a 5 band resistor which has limited availability in my country.  Planning to replace it with a 4 band 39 ohm resistor with 0.05% tolerance.  Does anyone know if this will work or otherwise?


Hi, I connect in the wrong way my sonoff mini, nobody solve replacing the 39 Ohm resitor (R9)?

Please let me good news.


I unsoldered the resistor from the working device and soldered instead of the burned one, connected it correctly to the power, but it burned out. I think there is already a short circuit in one of the components and the repair is not worth the effort, so just take a new one. A burned device you can disassemble into spare parts.

someone will tell me what resistance is the R9 resistor

sorry R8

You must replace R9 resistor (by 39 to 500 ohm) and diode bridge to make it work again.

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I burned one, too. what is the right diode to replace (position and value)?

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