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All scenes have stopped working

None of the scenes I registered are working. I tried to delete and add  scenes. I also restarted the router, but the scenes are not working. All other things are working fine

9 people have this problem

I have the same problem. Scenes do not work. Czech Republic

not working too

This happened to me too, for the last 2 days all of my scenes stopped working.

I'm having the same problem.. It happened yesterday and I deleted and creates new scenes and not working
Anyone knows how fix it?

I am having the same problem. All my scenes have stopped working. Please fix asap.

Same for me.

All scenes were ok for monthes and yesterday they stopped working.

I used 2 Bridges and it's the same on both.

I deleted and creates new scenes but still not working.

I replaced 433Mhz triggers by "manual trigger" in the scenes ad ran them : not working

I receive the 433MHz notifications correctly, there shown in historial, I can control my switches by the app.

Just the problem with the scenes...

Any body solved it ?

same here!!!!!! After I tried the IFTTT, all scene stop working. 

I have the same problem
Same problem here. Probably it is a problem on Sonoff servers. We need to wait them to fix it...
Same problem here. Seems to be a global problem. ETA for solution, please?
Same problem here in Mexico City, please fix it.
Same problem in central USA, scenes all quite working 2 days ago now. I have switches all around the house that rely on scenes to work. Please fix ASAP
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