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Scene not working

Just now suddenly all the scenes not working. RF bridge did register PIR signal and blast off RF signal but no scene trigger. Tried delete scene and program new one also not working. Tried reset router also same. Something wrong with the cloud server?

19 people have this problem

Working again in San Diego 8 pm
Now it is working back the scenes in Brazil
It is working now in Argentina!.
the scenes stopped working. They went yesterday, but they started working late. Today, they no longer work at all. Czech Republic.
My scene disappeared and I can make new one, cant save scene!
Same here. All scenes disappeared earlier today, they came back and a few hours later disappeared again. Can't save new scenes either.

Same here (Netherlands). One moment scenes are empty, the other they are there, but not working. Can't make any new scenes (can't save). I rely heavily on scenes in my house. Since I'm a paying customer I expect it to be solved very quick! Does this have something to do with the agile attempt to implement the web-app? Not amused.

Same in Belgium,,, all my scenes have disappeared... they already didn’t work smoothly... please update à and make it work... my house rely on it.... I uninstalled reinstalled, but didn’t work,, tried Android and iOS.. both problem... Hellllpppp...

Same here in Portugal. Scenes not working (disappeared, can't create new scenes - they don't save)

All my scenes have disappeared from the application today. I can't create new scenes because I can't save them. Poland
All scenes have disappeared and I cannot saved any new one. My house in Belgium is no longer working and I cannot use alternative IFFFT as I have to pay for it now !

Same here in UK all scenes disappeared.  Try adding but App refuses to accept.

You will have to change the firmware to an alternative Supla in all sonoffs and do not buy anything from sonoff, but from other manufacturers that do not deserve more advanced Tuya.
Here in Brazil the scenes are working

Also working in New Jersey USA

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