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Scene not working

Just now suddenly all the scenes not working. RF bridge did register PIR signal and blast off RF signal but no scene trigger. Tried delete scene and program new one also not working. Tried reset router also same. Something wrong with the cloud server?

19 people have this problem

Same here~ i don't know why~ Just not working now

Same here. All scenes stopped working today

I have the same problem. Scenes do not work. Czech Republic
Same here..

Could it be related to this issue

So do I, same problem. Suddenly all scene stop working
I have same problem, I have many scene, it’s dangerous, need immediately solution, sonoff team please help is.
same with me all 16 scene stop working it looks like general problem of server
Yesterday suddenly all of my scene stop to work. What is happening?

This happened to me too, for the last 2 days all of my scenes stopped working.

It happen to me yesterday too, all scenes suddenly stop working. Reset - delete&create new scenes - remove power, all didn't help.

It is ok now. I think they did something at the server side as I did nothing
I have the same problem. No scene is working.
It is started to work just now. I guess they fixed the problem
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