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RF Bridge send ghost alerts in scenes

My door sensor triggers a light in an scene but RF bridge turns it on despite sensor is not activated (verified comparing logs). I tried to reset it several times without success, it appears to happen with last firmware

IFTTT is not related, is the app or RF bridge that send falsely action when there is no a trigger (see attachments for slampher "Luz de entrada", door sensor "Puerta", and scene logs

same thing is happening to me... exaclty the same.... I contacted support but said nothing. False triggers are turning on a 120db siren.

Also IFTTT are not receiving commands from ewelink 

Im seriously thinking about selling all my sonoff devices and promote people not to buy them, I really spent a lot of money and time for nothing....

- IFTTT not receiving updates

- False alarms in scenes (bridge)

- No bridge interaction with IFTTTT

- DW and PIR devices triggeriung byself or not triggering when there is movement.

I must say that with last ewelink app version there are few false scene but they are still there, very annoyed
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