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Sonoff Mini Not detecting physical switch


I've installed a sonoff mini and connected the signal wires to 3 3 way wall switches.

If I try to switch ON/OFF the sonoff using the app, there is no problem, it works like a charm always, but when I do it using the wall switches it just works "sometimes".

For what reasson can it be caused?

Is there any maximum length for the wires?

Should I activate any flag in the app?

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Rather, not random but untimely. It is caused by some interference.

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I have also tried the solution, and it seems to work, the switch works without delay, and there is no flickering. I hope it remains so!

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I have already installed the condenser and it works correctly

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merci pour le retour , j'attend de le recevoir pour tester aussi.

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Hello He does not see someone from the technique ... this problem ...

Same for me... installed the condenser and and the sonoff is now stable on the "external" switch S1 S2.


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The capacitor must be 100nF / 50v ??????  or can it be mounted with another voltage?

Can't mount 100nf / 50v SMD capacitor?

Itead technician told me "100 nF electrodeless capacitor". I installed 100 nF 50V capacitor you can see in the picture coded "104". You can open a new question to them.
Hi Fran..... I put a voltmeter on the negative and s1 / s2 on 4 devices and it readings were between 129v to 136v. So wouldn't that overload the 50V 100nF electrodeless capacitor as it's only 50v. The house is in uk with 240v mains supply. Any input would be great Thanks
Paul, there are only 3V DC in S1. When you close the switch, 3V are also in S2. That's what detects switch status.
That's both a pro and con on the Mini. There's only 3V going through S1 and S2 which makes it safer but on the downside it means that you get the problem of electrical inteference from other wires running close by which causes the ghost switching. Also you have to be careful where the switch wire goes from the light fixture to the wall switch and if there are loops in the switching circuit that are feeding 120V/240V through S1 and S2. This will destroy your Mini. If like me, you don't have neutrals at the wall switch and have to wire in the Mini at the light fixture, you have to be careful to trace where the switch wire runs to and that there are no loop ins on this wire from other circuits.

problème corriger avec un condenseur en s1 et s2

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I only use Sonoff when easy to change connections on existing wall switch. Live wire going to switch must be changed and connected to S1. When several switches exist for same light, one need to install new wire from the last switch to the Sonoff. This is not easy ant then it is easier to install another device that uses 220V status change from wall switch.
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