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Sonoff Mini Not detecting physical switch


I've installed a sonoff mini and connected the signal wires to 3 3 way wall switches.

If I try to switch ON/OFF the sonoff using the app, there is no problem, it works like a charm always, but when I do it using the wall switches it just works "sometimes".

For what reasson can it be caused?

Is there any maximum length for the wires?

Should I activate any flag in the app?

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great! Thanks a lot
Installing 50V 100nF electrodeless capacitor (tagged 104) between S1 and S2 solves the problem. I hope Itead install this capacitor in the next devices they make.

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and how is it installed? connecting both pins to s1 and s2
Yes. In the same screws you have connected 2 wires from wall switch.

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Thank you!
Great work!!! If you can post a picture it would be great.
It's easy!

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I think i have some of this capacitors in some box arround the house, I will give it a try and see how it goes

je vais commander des condensateurs pour tester.

It looks like the capacitor is small enough to be soldered to the pins of S1 and S2 on the underneath side of the board and fit inside the casing. Will order some and try. My problem is that the wall switch will turn on the lights but cannot turn it off. I don't have neutrals in the switch box so my Mini is wired in at the light fixture and the original switch leg is wired into the Mini S1 and S2. The switch box in the wall has another switch which I believe is causing electrical noise. I have another light wired in at the fixture that has no issues at all but this switch box only has a single cable and switch unlike the problem light. I think the design of the Mini was intended to mount it behind the switch in the switch box with small jumper wires connecting to the mechanical switch but I cannot do that as I do not have neutrals at the box. The app works normally and toggles the relay every time but the point is to have the mechanical switch working as normal in addition to the Smart Wifi switching.
Better soldering capacitor in PCB.

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I had the same issue with it not detecting switch so I tried a different wiring configuration and now it's working great. The instructions I got said to put all neutrals in second Nin terminal but I found it didn't work so I put the neutral going to light in the second Nin and the rest in the first and the problem was fixed

Mr John, I think it’s a coincidence. There is no difference between the two neutral terminals.

You can see the photo sent by Fran.

Thanks a lot Fran!! Good job!

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I just found it weird that when I changed the configuration it magically started working and before that I had the same trouble as everyone elese
Jejeje I believe yoy. The problem is random.

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